Tuesday, June 30, 2009

taking a break...perhaps a long one.

i've been sick a lot lately and sadly it's not looking like i'll be better anytime soon. the doc suggested reducing my stress. however that's suppose to happen? so between beinig a mother, putting our house up for sale, finishing the semester with 14 credits, fullfilling church callings and still finding time to spend with my family i've decided to let the creative side of me take a break. so no more sewing all the ideas that linger in my mind, no more recipe searching or food network watching, no more savy grocery shopping, no more room redecorating (all though i still haven't showed you the last three i've done and the one i have to finish....maybe!) and no more thrift store shopping. and you may be asking how can you reduce stress by taking out everything fun? well, for now anyway, every spare moment is spent resting. {sleeping} and so far my body is liking that better than anything i could ever bake. so, months from now when i decide to be domestic again....i'll let you know! untill then, may God bless you and your crafts!