Thursday, April 16, 2009

i understand...

i bet you've all lost faith in me. not posting for 15 days is a blogging sin, i'm sure! so sorry. i understand if you have found other more dedicated bloggers to occupy your time. perhaps it was a good move. i've been so busy lately. designing...being a mom...visiting family....holidays but my biggest excuse is the absence of my beloved laptop! it got a new hard drive this week and the geek squad had a hard time. i didn't understand anything they were telling me to do. {why can't they just say..."the blue button"? i do know my colors but i have no idea about computer lingo!} needless to say it was a frustrating few weeks with out my buddy! {the laptop, in case you're confused!}

so my creative domesticness has been put on the back burner. if perhaps you haven't lost faith and you want more...ask me questions. i'd be more than happy to share anything your interested in. grocery shopping on a tight budget? decorating before and after pics? home selling tips? how-to make an apron? crafts i do with my one-year old? recipes? what is everyone in the mood for?

thanks for visiting my blog {as boring as it has been} i will try to make it worth your time in the future!

oh and in case you care {like if you're my mom!} I'm in the paper today!! it's not a flattering picture by any means...but check it out! and be sure to read your Cache Magazine that comes out tomorrow for a feature article on our business!!!!


miSS cARTER said...

I vote for a little of everything, eh?

Holly said...

What about re-vamped stuff? Like the vase or frame you find at a thrift store/yard sale and remake it for yourself.