Tuesday, October 11, 2011

new beginnings.

it's hard to believe it's been two years since i wrote on this blog. perhaps everyone lost faith in me, but in case someone didn't. here i am! so much has happened. i went back to school at USU and graduated! i had another baby boy in May. and we have moved twice! don't worry i still try to be a little domestic even with my busy schedule. and i also recently started my own business as a Shelf Reliance Consultant. read on...and enter the contest! i'll send the winning prize anywhere in the US.
(including hawaii and alaska)

I am excited to let you know about a unique opportunity that i have recently begun. I have become a Shelf Reliance Consultant! This opportunity will allow me to help people worldwide become self reliant, financially independent, and better prepared for the future!

You can expect great things by participating in one of my Shelf Reliance Parties.

*Education. learn valuable tips and information
on how to build, manage, and cook with food storage.

*Great tasting food. watch a cooking demo and taste
samples of delicious food storage recipes that are easy to make!

*Free and half off products. Earn free and
half off items every time you host a party!

*Business opportunity. Learn about the exciting
benefits of becoming a Shelf Reliance Consultant.

*Pricing. Receive exclusive pricing and product variety
available only to home party customers.

*Fun. enjoy a fun-filled atmosphere with family and friends.

To kick start this new adventure I'm doing a contest!
you will be entered to win a FREE can of THRIVE food!!

here's what you have to do...
1. link to my new blog and read "my story".
2. be a follower on the blog by clicking "join this site." on the right side.
3. encourage your friends to join the site, and leave a comment showing me where you did this. (Facebook, twitter, blogger etc.)

The contest will end October 30!
(my birthday!!)

I will announce the winner on the thrive blog!

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Laceymay17 said...

Hey. Sorry I wasn't able to be at your party. I would love to come to one though so keep me on your list.