Friday, January 9, 2009

a project!

since when did colds last three weeks? i started to think it was gone {completely} besides the fact that i coughed all through my kickboxing class. but i woke up this morning unable to breath. (i know what you're thinking....'good thing you woke up'! and it's true!) and now my nose is running like a faucet. seriously, i need to find me one of those tp hats. but enough about my cold. i did manage to pull out ONE PROJECT during it all! it was a first and i think this is one of those projects that i'll get better at with practice. so i think i'll try it again. {later}

here are all the supplies needed:
1. canvas, 2. enlarged photo to fit canvas, 3. the cheapo black foam brushes, and 4. liquitex medium matt finish.
paint the canvas with the 'perfect amount' of matt finish. (i know, it's a trial and error kinda thing) lay picture face down on canvas and make sure there are NO bubbles. let dry for 24 hours. (ALL 24 hours!) then spray with water bottle and press until you start to see the picture through the paper. peel off the paper, and wala!

i was only a little disappointed because of the scuffs and scraps on all our faces. but maybe it's just a vintage look. so tell me what you think. should i use this one to hang on my wall, or start over and try not to get so many scuffs? and, should i get a black frame, dark brown frame, or no frame at all?

help me out fellow crafters!

to the comments: for those of you who asked about the cost, and i'm so sorry i didn't say it before. here's the breakdown.

photo: FREE! (i have good friends!)

enlarged photo: $20.00 (i have since called around and you can do it a couple dollars cheaper, i went to kinkos for this one!)

canvas: $8.99 at hobby lobby.

matt finish: $10.99 at hobby lobby. there is plenty left over for other projects!

brushes: 4 for $3.00 at hobby lobby.


jhjonze said...

Seriously! I love that! What a fun idea. I'm going to have to try it.

Taylor Jewell said...

I love it. I want to make one. I like the scuffs on your faces. Definitely vintage. I'm kind of a sucker for just the canvas but a frame may be cute too.

Abby said...

I really Like it. I think a frame adds a finished look, but it depends on where you plan to hang it. How much did it all cost?

Holly said...

I think the scratches add to the 'vibe' of the picture. Maybe we need to have a craft night before I go?

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

Wow that is COOL!!! HOw much did it cost to enlarge the pic that much? I love it!

Jamie said...

That is a great idea Marci! I am going to have to try it!

nate_clarlaw said...

Marci, I LOVE that and I can't wait to try it out!! Thanks for being brave and trying things out for the rest of us!!

m@R(! said...

i made 2 of those of aspens' feet and hands and they didn't turn out nearly as cute.. i love it!

The Nelson's said...

I really love the vintage look! That is so cute! I think a chunky black frame would be awesome! I have a pic like that of the logan temple with a black frame and I love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower, and I think this is a great idea. I love photography and taking pictures. Very cute and clever!! I look forward to more projects.

Stacey & Jason said...

I love it! I vote Black Frame