Monday, February 16, 2009

ever wonder how to.....

....hang your pictures perfectly?

step 1: what do you want? lay out the figure on the floor. measure distance between each picture. then sketch the figure, including measurements, on a sheet of paper.

step 2: where do you want it? decide how far down from the ceiling you want the pictures (if your ceiling is slanted measure from the floor up) mark lightly with a pencil. use a tape measure to make the same mark several times across the wall. use a carpenters level to draw a light level pencil line between the marks.

step 3. make it happen! use a tape measure to determine the center of the grouping. hang the center photo first. measure the distance between the pictures and hang pictures on either side of the center the same distance from the middle nail keeping them on the line.

step 4. finishing touches. straighten pictures, remove any fingerprints and smile! you're done!

it may still take an hour, but with these helpful steps you're sure to only make one hole (per picture) in the wall! and that my friend, is a big plus!!

to make a picture grid. use the same techniques for the horizontal lines. once the top row is complete, make a plimb bob by tying a paper clips to both ends of a string. use sticky tack to hang one end of the plumb bob against one of the already hung pictures vertical edge. the bob will swing and eventually hang in perfect vertical alignment. mark the intersection of vertical and horizontal. repeat for each piece.
[information found in DIY winter 2008 magazine]


Christine said...

Well this would explain why my pictures look funny on our walls when I do the hanging! These look so nice!

Lacey said...

Thanks for the tips. I hate putting holes in my walls...that probably explains why I don't have many things hanging on them.

m@R(! said...

i love this blog..i am so glad you are doing it! and i am soo glad you got your tv stand. i want to see it. i am also sooo jeolous of your shopping trip! you should have taken me along...if only i had money to spend.