Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i'm coming clean.

the most deceptive thing about me, is my cleaning. (i really should not admit that!) i am a surface cleaning. you don't know what a surface cleaner is? well everything visible is clean. i make sure that walls, baseboards, windows, furniture, counters, and all other visible surfaces are clean. but open a closet of drawer and you're sure to have something jump out at you. i have decided to change this about myself. i'm sick of the clutter behind closed does. the goal: get organized! i got motivated to kickstart from this great blog. but since it's a little overwhelming i started small.

the before

the after

it's okay to start clapping!

what should i declutter next? what are your decluttering tips?


Ashley's New Adventures said...

Great Job! I like to pull everything out and clean the cabinet. Then I like to rethink where I put things - does it make sense, is it working, What could be better. I am a little OCD on cleaning and organizing!

Lacey said...

Nice job! It looks great! I have found that once I start declutterring a space then it takes me into different places around the house because I find things that don't go in that spot. So I go to put them away and I just end up starting another declutterring session. So...if I want one little closet straightened up I need to make sure I have a spare hour (or two) because I know I will do more than just that closet.

Kyle and Kristi said...

Good Job Marci! I did start clapping for you, just in case you're wondering. I had a cleaning bug today too, and I de-cluttered Addyson's toys and my closet in the master bedroom! We'll see how long it lasts though, especially the toys. BTW I am so glad you went to Down to Earth- I knew you would LOVE that store! Whenever I go in, I just want to wander around uninterrupted and try to take it all in...but I always seem to have a toddler with me! Oh and I have that same IKEA blanket you bought! Too funny. Mine is "not for cuddling with" either! I love the texture and fluffiness of it! And I love the PB cabinet you bought- good find!

Adam and Casie said...

Way to go! That would have drove me nuts! Everytime I go to the grocery store and I am putting stuff away I organize it! Thats how I stay on top of it. :) At least me pantry not so much everything else but hey no is perfect. High to Marci