Wednesday, February 25, 2009

simple guest room

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oh, how i love decorating. and lately i've had so many opportunities to use my creative juices. i recently turned a "junk room" into a guest bedroom! i'm really happy with the results, but not as happy about my picture taking skills. (oh well)

it started bad. real bad. bright blue carpet (that now lays in my basement so i can work out on it!) and boxes of random old things in every corner. the room hadn't been painted in over a decade and and baseboards were also carpeted in the fabulous blue! i really wish i would have gotten a picture of this, my ramblings don't do it nearly the justice it deserves. but once the room was cleaned out i did get this one. (sorry even the blue carpet is ripped out, but if you'd like a sneak peak...look here.)

once the room was naked i got right to work. this was a project that wanted to be done for under $800.00! pretty small budget for a blank slate, but we (me and him) made it work!

whenever i get these fun projects/jobs my husband somehow gets wound up doing all the hard stuff. (what a sweet guy!) so i got him started with a extra wide baseboard.

then i had him tape off the room and paint it a light blue. i chose a bennet's paint called "smoke."

he did so good at the painting. it's a big plus that he's a perfectionist whenever i put him to work with home-improvments.

to contrast with the blue walls but still keep the room feeling open and airy. (is that a word?) i went with a black metal bed. this was the largest chunk of the budget. the black and white bedding, the side tables and lamps, and the frames on the oppisite wall are all from ikea! (so sorry for the fuzzy pictures! if anyone wants to buy me a new my guest!)

here's a close up of the side tables!

since all the pictures, i've added this cute clock on the side table.

and hung up a row of "travel" photos in black frames similar to this.

i also added a throw blanket on the bed in a soft ivory to warm it up! so what do you guys think? and if anyone has a suggestion for the small, high share. please!


m@R(! said...

so cute!! i really like the paint color..that isn't in your house, is it??

K. Tacher said...

Looks great!!! I love the extra wide baseboard. Where did you get your bedding and the side tables?!

Johnsens said...

WOW! you are really amazing Marci. It looks great.

I love IKEA, they are all over China.

Taylor Jewell said...

Love it! When can i come stay? :)

Hulberts said...

Looks great! Now you can come help me finish my basement right?

Zilles Fam said...

Hey, I've been meaning to tell you that I added this site to my own blog, because I love it!! I found it on someone else's and looked into it and then found out that it was yours! You're a creative genius! I LOVE that color on the walls! I think that's how I'll do my boys' room ... someday when we get a house!!
It's fun to see what you're up to!
- Nicole ... the long-lost one!

margaret said...

It is midnight and I finally gave up on sleeping since all I can do is cough! I decided to check out your blog since it has been a few days. I love the changes you have made and of course I love my new guest room. THANKS so much Marci. You truly are amazing and have a good eye for decorating and since I had a hand in creating that eye (literally) I don't mind taking advantage of using it quite often. Sure love you!!

Kami said...

I love this room! The wall color goes perfectly with the bed and bedding!! Did you find something for the windows yet? IKEA is so GREAT!!