Friday, December 12, 2008

PILLOWS, a first!

when him asked me what i wanted for christmas i said "pillows for the couch!" but when him said 'something that's for the house doesn't count' i said, "a tricycle for baby" when him said 'something for the baby doesn't count either. i said "ooo ooo i know, chapstick!"
don't get me wrong, i'm REALLY excited about my new chapstick under the tree....but i still wanted pillows. so looking at some of my fabric; i decided, what the heck i'll make some.
when i didn't want to buy the inserts (i know, and you should know by now, i'm cheap!!) i decided to cover old pillows. so i took their covers off and layed them on the fabric of choice to eye-ball the size!*
then i squared the fabric up so the good sides were facing each other and pinned all the way around. don't mind the blue carpet.**
once it was all pinned, it was time to sew. i did an easy zig-zag stitch but left a big whole at the top so i would be able to stuff in the pillow! after the pillow was in, (it's a little tight!) i did a hoop stitch (that's just what i call it, i'm sure it has a real name fancy sewers use!) to close it up with just a needle and thread!

and TA-DA! they're not the ones i wanted. but of course those were $40.00 EACH. and i know, that's not gonna happen any day soon, so untill then*** these will do!
*eye-ball the size: i have no idea what to cut it at so i guesstimate! (yep, it's a word in my vocab.)
** so i'm doing a home remodel (don't worry, many pictures to come!) and when we ripped out their carpet, i decided i'd take the old mat and carpet for my unfinished basement so my feet don't freeze while i craft down there and watch sappy romance movies like 'the notebook'!
***then=we're millionaires!


Taylor Jewell said...

I made the pillows in one of my rooms too. Isn't it so much fun?

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

This is awesome! I think they look great! And what did I see down kisses!! ON COOKIES!! Heaven!!

Adam and Casie said...

You are so so clever! I love this blog it sparks I deas for me!

Chelsey said...

Someone please tell me how I found this blog of yours?(I don't know either) Way cute, I love it. This is Chelsey Harvey by the way. You really are domestic, I bet anyone would agree! And very thrify I might add.

Christine said...

These turned out so cute and I love the fabric you used...perfect.

Chelsea Ling said...

they came out looking great!