Sunday, December 7, 2008

frame remodel

i found this sad frame at the D.I. (second hand store!) for $1.50 the same trip i found the bulbs.

i gave it a good spray paint job and hung it up with a collage of white frames. i still need to change out the picture with one of baby, but i just got to excited to see what it would look like.

yes, the picture is crooked...not my hang job!

what do ya think? good find?


nate_clarlaw said...

That looks good! Something funny - we have the exact same frame that your Temple picture is (the one to the left of your new frame)! Great minds think alike!

And hey, I've got a bunch of bags to make for Christmas - if you're serious about wanting to learn how, let me know when is good for you!

Denise said...

Very cute you little D.I. shopper you.

Christine said...

Adorable! What a differnce the color makes!