Thursday, December 11, 2008

there's nothing deceptive 'bout my domesticness today!

ok, except for maybe the fact that only ONE batch was truly 'home made!'

i made a BUNCH of cookies today! for some reason, i feel like it's just not Christmas unless theres LOTS of baking going on! and since the last three days have been strictly shopping days, i designated today as the baking day!

you're hungry now, aren't ya!


jhjonze said...

The ones on top look AMAZING! Will you please post the recipe for those? I am hungry now.

Denise said...

Bring them on over to my house, I'll eat them for ya:) If you're looking for a family to do the 12 days of cookies for, I've heard there are some neighbors down the road the could put them to good use!!! Kidding.

Taylor Jewell said...

hey, bring me some of those yummy cookies!:)

Christine said...

We have been doing a lot of baking here as well and I am really feeling like I need to add about ten miles a day of running to my days as a result of all the eating,...or as we like to say,...cookie testing!

Your cookies look great and very Christmasie!