Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday {Dress} Up!

something about this time of year, and all the parties makes me want cute, festive dresses. so if you too are looking to wear a fun holiday dress to your annual family Christmas party and still have money for their gifts, check out these fun finds.

i found all of these dresses at dillards for 59.00 and UNDER!!! (sorry there was one 59.00 that i just had to put on here, the rest are in the 30's!!)

i think my fav is the grey "v" neck. (and it's probably the least festive...wierd!) what are your favorites??

Happy Holiday {Dress} Shopping!!


Amanda said...

My favorite is the first black semi collar one! So hot!! I am a big fan of botton up!

Kyle and Kristi said...

I like the second adorable! And they sound like they were a good deal too. So tempting!