Tuesday, December 9, 2008

here's an idea...

the last couple of years i have really wanted to do the twleve days of Christmas for someone. sadly, i've never completed this goal. i've had a hard time deciding a lot of the details. how to do it cheap? who to do it to? how to not make it cheesy? i felt like even if i only spent a couple dollars a day, by the time all was said and done i would still have to fork out at least $50.00! and who has that laying around this time of year? so this year, since my desire to do it is even stronger, i came up with a great idea for me.. and all you who find it hard to get the extra cash needed for the extra service projects.

no more partridges or pear trees. no more trying to think of something cleaver when it comed to 'five golden rings'. i have the answer....

here's how it works. everyday for the twelve days before Christmas make a batch of cookies to take to a different neighbor each night. this can be something you and your family decide to do secretly, or something you use to visit and get to know your neighbors better. they wont know that you are on a 'twelve days of service' mission. but what they will know is that you care about them and want to wish them a Merry Christmas. and better yet, your family can get excited about serving others this holiday season.

i have gathered twleve cookie recipes that are EASY! some i have tried, and others...i'm excited to try for the first time. but before you resort to these. make sure you make your best family recipe! our favorite family recipe comes in a tube and requires cutting, baking, cooling, and eating!

deC. 14th: ginger cookie

dEc. 15th: english toffee

DEc. 16th: Angelettis cookies (you may want to cut this recipe in half..or use it twice)

DeC. 18th: cookie dough truffles (you don't need a double-boiler. you can fondue the chocolate, or heat a metel bowl over a boiling pot of water.)

dEC. 22nd: snickerdoodles

now, get bakin'! (remember you can easily freeze cookies so you can be ahead of yourself!)


Christine said...

Great idea! I just tried a new cookie recipie last night that I might use for this very idea.

Sanders said...

Fun Blog! I am so glad I stopped by...I just texted Lisa earlier for her truffle recipe that we did at Enrichment...I think the one you have linked is similar so that will do! :) Thanks!

Candyce Lewis said...

Cute blog marcie! Not all of can stay as skinny mini as you, so I dont know if so much baking is a good idea for me. (by the time they are delivered, we'd have them half gone!)